Wheel Chair Lifts

Many people who use power wheel chairs feel that they are confined to their homes or areas that are near their homes. Trying to transport a standard wheel chair is easy because they are able to collapse and be placed directly into the trunk of any car. But power wheel chairs were not built to collapse in this way making it impossible to fit them into the truck of any car.

But this does not mean that users are confined to their homes and the areas that surround it. The best way that you can transport a power wheel chair is purchase a wheel chair lift. These lifts are easy to use and can be installed on the back of any truck or van. Because they are large and heavy and have to hold a power wheel chair on it you may find it near to impossible to install one on a small car.

Wheel chair lifts are simple lifts that are built with a flat platform in which the power wheel chair will sit on. The user can drive it right on to the platform and secure it there. Once secured the lift can be closed and automatically lifted a few inches above the ground. This will keep it from dragging on the ground or hitting the road in anyway while the person is driving.

When you have reached your destination you can automatically lower the lift, open it, and drive the power wheel chair right off. The whole thing is very safe and secure and convenient for those who need to travel long distances.

There are some wheel chair lifts that will help a person to place their wheel chair directly inside of a van without them having to get off of it. All the user needs to do is drive onto the lift and it will automatically pull them up and situate them into the interior of the van. This is great for people who have trouble walking at all on their own to get to the chair on the back of the car.