Pool Lifts

It is not fair for people who are disabled or who have lost partial feeling in their legs to miss out on some of the more simple joys of life. There are specially designed pool lifts that enable a person to be able to enjoy the comforts of the cool water on their skin during those sweltering summer months.

Pool lifts are designed differently. Some of the more basic pool lifts are designed as slings almost. The lift is made of strong fabric that allows the person it put their legs through the holes in the bottom. This sling is attached to a machine which will lower them gently and safely into the pool once they have situated themselves.

Another type of pool lift is designed similar to that of the bath lift. It is a simple chair in which a person can sit on and is powered by water. The person can strap themselves in using the seat belt and with the click of a button can be lowered into the water.

The machine is adjusted to not go lower then it should and can be raised up easily. The seat that the person sits on will swivel away from the pool to make it easy for them to get on and off of it.

And finally the other design used for pool lifts is that similar a wheel chair lift and was actually designed specifically for wheel chairs. These lifts are a simple platform that enables the person to wheel themselves onto it using their standard wheel chairs.

Once on the platform it can be lowered into the water safely. Obviously this type of pool lift cannot support power wheel chairs as the water will destroy them and make it dangerous for anyone sitting on them.