Handicap Stair Lifts

It is hard for someone to go from being able to live in comfort in the home they have lived in for years and then to not be able to move around it easily. People who have to worry about purchasing power wheel chairs to move around their homes usually do not want to or cannot afford to sell their home. While it would be convenient to not have to worry about going up and down their two story home many do not want to uproot their lives.

The best remedy for this is to purchase a handicap stair lift. This is a motorized chair that sits on top of a rail. The rail runs along the length of the staircase and enables the patient to travel both up and down the stairs whenever they need it.

Stair lifts – also known as stair glides – are built with swivel chairs that come complete with controls that make it easy and safe to operate. The swivel seat enables you to get on and off without falling over. Sensors are also built into the chair that will stop it smoothly and easily when it has reached its destination or when something is blocking its path. This is just one of the many safety features that are used in the majority of stair lift models.

Straight and curved are the two types of lifts that are used inside of the home. Straight lifts are the most common and most affordable. Curved have to be custom made and are therefore more expensive to use. No matter who you purchase these models from they will install them for you and will show you how to operate them.

If you have stair on your porch or patio than you can also purchase outdoor stair lifts. These are built in the same way except that they are able to hold up against the natural elements of the outside world. They will allow you to move around your yard with ease and to better enjoy the fresh air. They are also able to withstand rain and sunshine with little to no problems and are easy to maintain.