Bath Lifts

Bath lifts are one of the more important and necessary disabled lifts. These specially designed lifts enable a person to be able to take a bath on their own without the help of other people.

These lifts offers them more independence and more privacy. These types of disabled lifts are built with a chair and convenient arms that allow you to switch from your wheel chair to the bath lift with little assistance.

They are easy and safe to control. All you have to do is press one button which will lower the bath lift when you are ready and will raise it back up when you are finished. But this type of lift is not just convenient for people are unable to walk completely. It also helps people who suffer from arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and who have suffered a stroke and have lost part of the feeling to use their legs.

The entire lift is made using aluminum and PVC construction which is able to make it much stronger and more durable. This durability makes it easier for people to use it with no problems and allows it to last for many years. The seat itself can swivel in the other direction and away from the tub to allow the person to better get on and off the seat.

Bath Lift Features

Comfortable seat
Operated by water
No electricity
Safely lifts up to 300 pounds
Swing up arms

All of these features help to make sure that the person is able to use it easily and safely with little to no problems. There are also many accessories that can be purchased separately – but can help make it easier for people to use.

Bath Lift Accessories

Adult Headrest
Child Headrest
Seat Belt
Stabilizer Kit